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Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
August 14, 2008, 8:10 pm
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I hate packing. I hate the idea of having to compartmentalize my belongings into some organized and fragmented arrangement that I will forget the importance of by the time it comes to unpack.

I’m watching American Beauty and blogging about hating packing in an effort to avoid packing.

This time, I hate packing because I will have to repack in two weeks’ time. I’m leaving Toronto next Friday and will be living with my parents for the last week of the month until I leave on September 1. And sometime in that week I know I’ll be packing all over again.

The first step I think I’ll take is weeding out the odds and ends that I continue to transport from place to place. See: a dead bamboo plant, clothes that remain forever on their respective hangers, textbooks I’m convinced I can sell this time, perfume I’ve had since high school that I would never wear again, and shoes that I avoid wearing because they give me blisters. Whatever I can downsize from this not-exhaustive list I’ll consider a small success. The beauty of living in Toronto is that I can put anything on the curb and guarantee that it’ll be gone by the time the next hour strikes.

I was consulting with E about the latent annoyances of moving. Whether it’s being reminded of relationship(s) past because of what you’re pulling from your top drawer, or finding squirreled away mementos of memories you’d rather forget, you’ve got to deal with this emotional baggage along the way as well.

My other problem is that I have nothing in which to pack my things. I did bring home three boxes from work, albeit they’re each about a cubic foot and can’t hold much more than a few shirts at best. My attempt at packing tonight, then, will be to organize belongings into piles that might be interpreted as logical, then sleep on the futon in the living room. Even if I did have enough perfect-sized boxes, I probably would still avoid packing. Inevitably I will shove everything into some duffel bags, grovel at myself later for making everything wrinkly, then realize it would get mega-wrinkled en route to the UK anyhow.

But I’ll sign off now so that I can get to packing. As soon as American Beauty is over.

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I think duffel bags is generous. We both know you move using, exclusively, black garbage bags O CZAR OF ENVIRONMENTALISM.

Comment by whitehotretort

I have two duffel bags in my closet. It encourages me to at least make a stab at folding clothes as opposed to the make-it-fit-however-you-can approach when using trash bags. Though I do reuse those when I get to point B!

Comment by bohemianvegan

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