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The Olympics… sort of.

My sisters (one of whom now reads the blog!) are obsessed with every Olympics, and Beijing has been no exception. They know where every medal on the Canadian team has come from (though for awhile it was easy to count – zero), and who has won other events. They probably don’t know the stats on these ones though, so follow the link.

In other (real) news, a Cuban Taekwondo athlete has been banned from the games after he kicked a ref in the head for disqualifying him during the bronze medal match.

(As a weird sidenote, Bob Saget is playing some pervert on the episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit I’m watching right now. Bizarre.)

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Further sidenote: how hot is Adam van Koeverden?

Comment by bohemianvegan

No idea who Adam van Koeverden is…will have to look it up and get back to you (uno momento por favor) DEAR GOD HE’S HOT. Found him in an issue of the Harry Rosen magazine. 😛

Comment by whitehotretort

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