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Local talent that I hope gets big

Growing up in Ancaster, as mentioned before, has its shortfalls.  However, the seemingly infinite spare time often can lead to greater things, and one of these is music. 

My other bestie, R, has a brother who plays in a band called The Kids (short for The Kids Who Thought They Were Going Places) and they’re really incredible.  They went from playing gigs at the Ancaster Heritage Day (an excuse for underaged kids to drink in the daytime without much question and otherwise celebrate the founding of our amazing little town) to playing Lee’s Palace and the Opera House in Toronto this spring.  I’ll upload videos shortly because unfortunately I’m not storing them on our youtube account.

I saw another local band play at the Coach and Lantern’s open mic night (one of two decent watering holes in the town).  They’re called The Gladly Fools  and they’re actually very, very good (or at least the lead singer is).  I’m not sure if they play any original stuff, but they mainly played Bob Dylan covers this past Thursday.  Just thought that they deserved a shout-out, too.

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