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The more important part of travel, or, becoming an alcoholic in Scotland

This will be part one of what will surely be a multi-part series of entries about one of mine and E’s favourite things: alcohol.

As everyone knows, the UK’s currency is anything but cheap. We’re trying to stay out of the pound while living on the pound, so our first mode of attack is cheap liquor. As we’re both delighted with cider (not the kind your mom used to give you in autumn), we thought we’d start here first.

While in Fort William we made the amazing discovery that Tesco (a UK grocery chain) sells their own brand of alcohol. Lucky for us, this includes cider. Priced at about 49 pence per can (Strongbow, our favourite, was about 80 pence or so — I’ve already forgotten the exact price), it stands at 5.3% alcohol/volume. Anyway, this cider definitely was the cheapo incarnate of Strongbow itself. It’s dry and not too sweet, and even good enough that when I woke up with a little headache this morning, I forgot that I had even drank the stuff last night. If I can access a Tesco, I’ll buy this stuff in Aberdeen. We both hope that it’s sold by the 12-pack or so to make it an even more economical decision. Ranking: 4 pints out of 5.

Now we’re in Inverness (remember MacBeth?) and we’re test-driving Frosty Jack’s Cider, which was on sale for £2.75/4 pack. The reason it was chosen was because it has an excellent alcohol/volume delivery system – 7.3%. However, I just cracked open a half-litre can (see photo below) and wanted to spit this shit out. It’s disgustingly sweet and has little to no carbonation. I’ll suffer through a litre then call it quits. Ranking: 1 pint out of 5.

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Beware of calories from alcohol! They scare me.

Comment by ren/natka

Relax, bb. They’re only about 160 calories per 500ml serving. And since three does me in, I’m not too afraid.

Comment by bohemianvegan

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