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I cannot believe this has happened
September 12, 2008, 7:34 am
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I chipped a molar, down to the gums, on a Skittle yesterday morning in Dufftown. Really. I was so starving that I dug into some [vegan] Skittles before breakfast (they aren’t made with gelatin in the UK due to the Mad Cow scare years ago), and realized, whilst chewing, that I broke off a bit of tooth.

Not to worry, however. It doesn’t hurt, numero uno, and the part that came off is quite small. Moreover, I called the NHS (National Health Service) Grampian for dental services, then was told since it wasn’t ‘head trauma’ (wtf?!), I don’t qualify for ’emergency services.’ So I was told to call a certain dentist in Aberdeen, and this dentist told me that due to short staff I should call back next week, but was reassured that they are taking patients. I know this will be covered under NHS, so I’m not worried, though now it’s annoying to be so careful brushing my teeth.

All in all, I only cried if only because I was worried I’d end up in the Big Book of British Smiles, despite being blessed with curiously naturally straight teeth. I guess you really can’t win ’em all.

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Just before I read this, I was eating muesli (for dinner) and chopmed down, killing my tooth. There was a ROCK in my muesli. I’m way too granola for my own good. Hope your tooth feels better.

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