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I will never see the sun (Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge)

I love Aberdeen. I really mean it. I love it here. However, I do have one minor and really unwarranted complaint. It’s the middle of September, and it’s already really cold here. I’m used to Southern Ontario weather where I would probably still be able to wear short sleeves until nearly October, and definitely still be able to wear my Birks (I am granola, after all). No dice here, amigos.

Yesterday wasn’t so cloudy, and today wasn’t that cloudy either. Or at least they weren’t formed clouds you could see. It was more like the biggest blanket of a cloud you can imagine, completely shielding the blue sky above it, and obliterating the sun from penetrating, and any warmth it might provide.

My solace is this: I have a half hour walk to the medical campus from my residence each day. Actually, 4 times a day. My classes are spaced in the most ridiculous fashion (9am to 11am, then 4pm to 5pm). Since I don’t feel like hanging around in the space between, I go home for lunch until I have to leave again for another class. The walk itself is pretty boring; it’s a direct road west from where I am now. However, it definitely makes me generate the heat I need to avoid goosebumping all over the place. And it’s useful because my lecture halls don’t seem to be heated, so it’s nice to have a headstart on being warm.

Anyway, I now understand what a Scottish woman I met earlier this year meant when she told me that “the cold will chill yer bones!” in reference to the Scottish damp weather. If told to choose between this and a -40 degree (Celsius) Canadian winter, I’d definitely be in that cliched realm between a rock and a hard place.

I can’t embed the video I wanted to include, so follow this link, and watch it there.

I will never see the sun,
Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge
All for nothing, all for none,
Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge

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