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As a Canadian abroad, no one ever asks me who I’m voting for

A point we’ve surely driven home here on the blog is that E and I are studying abroad in Scotland for the year.  We both have international roommates, but only I reside with Americans (two of them, to be precise).  Whenever we go out and people hear our accents, they’ll ask where we’re from.  I feel a wave of relief come over me when I get to say “I am Canadian” because I know there’s a bias against Americans internationally.  It’s an unfortunate fact that I do not subscribe to myself.

However, people at large are ignorant that there is any election activity buzzing about in Canada.  No one ever asks who I’m voting for, or even my political affiliation.  However, one group of people we met last weekend blatantly asked one of my roommates who she was voting for the moment after he learned her name and where she was from (which he perhaps saw as a segue to the ‘who are you voting for’ Q&A).

So I’m going to abandon my jabs at Sarah Palin from here on in.  I’m focusing on what matters to me as a Canadian.  E voted today, but my ballot hasn’t arrived in the mail just yet.  I myself would have vlogged about the lack of publicity for the Canadian election over the American one, but I think this guy summed up what I wanted to say (perhaps save for the very random New England Patriots/Tom Brady comment).

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