Wrapped Up In Books

Vlog numero dos

Here’s to all my friends and otherwise internet voyeurs who read the blog! Huzzah.

In other news, I need to probably start up on the 8 miles of walking per day again. I feel well fed, if you get my drift (but at least my pants still fit?).

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PS: For whoever keeps searching for Silverstein’s Bakery in Toronto, you can literally just walk in off of the street. They’re open daily from 8am or so until 6pm. As long as you’re cool with them touching money AND your bread without washing their hands in between, you’re a-ok. Best pumpernickel you’ll ever have, guaranteed.

PPS: Whoever’s looking for the vegan curry recipe: I’m making curry this week and I’ll take down what I actually put in it to make it delicious. So hang tight!

PPPS: Whoever’s looking for how many calories there are in Frosty Jack cider: don’t drink that stuff.  It’s garbage.  (Strongbow forever!)


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