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I am so anxious right now: Canadian Election Watch 2008
October 14, 2008, 11:11 pm
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It is October 14, 2008. Election day in Canada. I am feeling extremely nervous today. The last time I saw it, the Tories were leading the polls and they are heading for a minority government. Unless the youth vote is highly represented (and assuming they’ll choose Liberal/NDP/Green), the Conservatives’ dream is in a position to be realized. (Well, I’m sure they’d prefer a majority government, but it’s not going to happen.)

I do not have faith, in all honesty, that people will be bothered to vote. Or that people will be bothered to think for themselves and vote differently from, say, how their parents would choose to vote. My parents, for whatever reason, choose to vote Conservative, and this really worries me. More worrying yet is the fact that there is just one major right-wing party and a multitude of left-wing parties in Canada. If like-minded people are given more than one choice, then obtaining any cohesion in the liberal sect becomes difficult.

In my opinion, the Conservatives are ruining everything that makes Canada an incredible place to live. Now that I’m living abroad, I positively beam when I say that I’m Canadian. It’s like a small light bulb inside me lights up when I get to say it, however silly that may seem. I don’t want this to be taken away from me.

If I were ever in the position to require it, I would want to have access to a safe and legal abortion. I believe that sexual orientation shouldn’t exclude anyone from being married (or be grounds for discrimination at all), and now that it’s been written into law, we should not go back on it. I believe women should be encouraged to embrace education and the workforce, and invade whatever else formerly only was available to men. This is not a Suffrage movement! It is not 1918! But I feel so much that it is!

How can we put a fool who doesn’t even believe in the human contribution to global warming at the head of our country? Who thinks that a carbon tax is a bad idea? Who doesn’t think the economy is in that bad of a way? Or who would deny essential stem cell research from being carried out?

I know a couple (literally two) of my Canadian peers are staunch Conservatives. From his Facebook status, I know that one forgot to vote today. Here’s hoping a lot more of them followed suit.

I’ll consider it a great political year for North America and the entire world when there’s a Liberal minority government and Barack Obama wins the US election. It doesn’t affect only us, just as any other countries’ politics influence us, too. I know there’s so much more to global politics than just these two elections, but we have to start somewhere and the potential for positive change is absolutely massive. And that kind of change is long overdue, wouldn’t you say?

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