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An abrupt post regarding this miserable election
October 15, 2008, 11:53 pm
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The future is upon us.  Yesterday, much to my dismay, a minority Conservative government was re-elected.  Nothing has changed except that this wasted $200M of taxpayer money at a time when that sort of spending would be otherwise ill-advised, nevermind that an election wasn’t supposed to happen until October of next year.

Voters did not come out in droves.  On the contrary, there was an all-time record low for voting across the nation. What happened, Canada?  Apathy is anything but a virtue.  Or, could it be that the act of voting is not as simple as it might seem to be?  Unlike Americans, we can register at the polls just by bringing in a piece of ID with our address and photo on it.  However, slews of students in the Maritimes tried using their passports as identification which does not fit the bill; while it has a photo, it doesn’t provide an address of the voter.  This proved to be problematic in other areas of the country as well.  Voter woes will probably always be an election mainstay.

With the American election coming up in less than a month, I have hope that the outcome there will be the sweet to this bitter.  I will not continue on blogging about that because I admit I don’t have the political breadth in order to make a serious contribution (as if I made one for the Canadian election!).  Instead, feast your eyes upon my friend Sol’s sharp and eloquent blog.  It’s much more insightful than the one paltry article the New York Times devoted to the outcome of our election (thanks a lot).

Distribution of votes throughout Canada

Distribution of votes throughout Canada

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