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Tonight your ghost will ask my ghost, ‘Where is the love?’
October 22, 2008, 9:04 pm
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I wake up daily at 7.30am or so so I can take the 8.20am bus to class.  Lately, I’ve been taking the next bus (8.50am) which gets me to class just in time for a 9am start.  This means I can wake up at 8am, and it feels like such a luxury.

How ironic that on my one day off I wake up (sans alarm), thinking it might be 10 and it’s… you guessed it, 8am.

I love this song lately.

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Dude, I’ve started taking the bus too and I can’t believe I never used to use it. You know I just walk or bike everywhere but since it’s getting really cold out I’ve been opting for the bus. Weird thing is it doesn’t run in the morning, when I actually need it to. Anyways, is it strange that I feel ‘spoiled’ by taking the bus? But at the same time I’m so amazed at how much time I’ve been saving. “It’s time,” my friend.

Also found out the YMCA in Montreal offers roughly 4 hours a day of free swimming…saving me from buying a gym membership! Amazing.

Miss you. Will think of you in the pool tomorrow morning, and on the bus 🙂 – ren/natka

Comment by ren/natka

It feels like such an extravagance to me even still! I prefer the walk, but the weather is only going to get worse. I’m now missing out on 4-8 miles of walking/biking a day. I’m in the midst of trying to acquire a bike, but it’ll be an arduous process.

Awesome job on the swimming! I can pay per swim here, and I really ought to get into it. I always think of you when I swim! I’m going to look into that before my next class, actually. Thank you, my inspiration!

(I just have to buy a pair of goggles first.)

Comment by bohemianvegan

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