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We’ve all seen the sign that some self-proclaimed rednecks are voting for Obama tomorrow.  But having seen this video from the BBC, I was surprised at this man’s eloquence and general level-headedness about his decision.  I think it’s especially admirable when he’s completely without support from his friends.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  —Margaret Mead

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I know when I voted, I didn’t fully understand, but after I voted, I realized that I had made a decision that didn’t support a strong America. When I voted, I realized I voted for someone who would “do it for me” where I don’t have to be responsible for myself. After I made that decision, I now know that I didn’t make a decision based on creating a strong America.

I want a candidate in office that will support me being an entrepreneur, which is what this country was founded on. This country is not about having the government being responsible for you, its about being an entrepreneur and having that self reliant spirit. And that was what this country was founded on. I don’t agree with everything McCain does, and how he campaigned, but he does know a little bit more about being an American and what it means to be an entrepreneur. And that is what this country needs right now, just a little bit more of that. So if you haven’t voted yet, vote for the candidate who will support us in being responsible for ourselves. This country does depend on it.

Comment by b4uno

I think your comment is a bit misleading because, firstly, “this country” is ambiguous. We’re writing this blog as Canadians, so you have to take everything written with a grain of (liberal) salt.

Secondly, I think that the “knowing what it means to be an American” argument is quickly verging on offensive. Who is to say what “being American” is? Who is more American than someone else? Just because McCain things being self-employed and sustaining is American is not to say that many other people believe that being an American means supporting others who need help with social services and maintaining a good quality of life for ALL Americans. I think it’s unfortunate to get caught up in thinking that your American ideal is what the USA “is” in a fundamental sense. It’s incredibly limiting and so self-centered.

As an outsider, I’d like to think that being an American is about more than just climbing over metaphorical bodies to your own financial and physical benefit.

Comment by whitehotretort

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