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November 9, 2008, 4:33 pm
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I’m in a computer lab at school working on a medical statistics assignment.  Unfortunately, SPSS isn’t Mac compatible (well, it once was but apparently ‘compatibility’ meant that it screwed up each calculation, which is as good as not be compatible at all), so I have to use school computers to do my work.

I’m always nervous about getting things done well/on time/without losing my mind, and earlier this afternoon I caught myself nearly biting at my nails. 

I now will never, ever bite them again because the guy two seats over is sneezing all over his keyboard and alternating that with trumpeting the contents of his nose into the same old Kleenex over and over.  I’m going to invest in some Purel and try not to think about the germs I’ve already unknowingly ingested today.  *shudder*

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are you sure about SPSS and mac? i use it on my mac (SPSS version 16.0) and it works just fine. i got it last year, after they fixed the problems…

Comment by jaclyn

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