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Winged rats roost beside my window
November 17, 2008, 11:27 pm
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I have the worst view from my room. THE worst. I look straight onto the roof of my building. The worst part of this is that the corner I look onto is a popular place for pigeons (aka, winged rats) to roost and take a break from the wind. Yesterday this little bugger tried to roost on my 4″ wide windowsill. Fortunately for me, this was literally just seconds after I shut my window. I do not know what I’d do if it came into my room. Yesterday was the end of having my window open more than 2 inches at a time.





Worst part?  No zoom was used on these photographs.  Ugh.

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This may sound extreme when I say you should have maced that son of a bitch.

Comment by springsteena

Extreme, yeah, because I’m vegan and I wouldn’t do that even if I wasn’t.

I wasn’t here first and they need a little area to escape the perpetual windiness. Even though they’re annoying, they remind me of the pet doves I used to have (my family got them from a retired magician – weirdest story ever).

Comment by bohemianvegan

I’m relieved to read your reply-comment – means i don’t have to tell you off for being mean about the pigeons! I don’t really see why it’s so bad – unless you have a bird phobia, which would make it unbearable. If you don’t, pigeons are beautiful and every one unique in its patterning.

If one came in your room it would need to be reassured and gently ‘flapped’ towards the window so it could get out again. I once rescued a wren that our cat brought indoors (completely unhurt) which felt like the greatest privilege.

Perhaps you could put netting up that would allow you to have the window open without risk of birds coming in. If it was me i’d leave grain on the sill for them but i do understand not everyone feels the same! 80)

Comment by mand

Trust me in that I think they’re beautiful creatures as well! I used to have three doves (adopted from a retired magician, no less), and they remind me a lot of them. But I really don’t want them about two feet from my window.

Fortunately they must have found somewhere else to roost because they haven’t been back in awhile. Probably they’ll be away all winter and I’ll welcome them back again in the spring.

Comment by bohemianvegan

That’s ok, then.


The retired magician story is intriguing…

Comment by mand

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