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She just laughed and said, “you’re so funny”

Heard this while I was out last night and it always makes me remember when I edited CommonPeople, the annual journal for the Sexual Diversity Studies Students’ Union in 2005. We had about a thousand dollars to publish it (unlike the University College Review – they’ve got money coming out their asses) and it nearly collapsed, but I was so glad to see it through. That was the last year for CommonPeople but I feel like it ended well, if not humbly. I’ve included a piece of prose that we published – I still really love it.

it’s funny that a bit of fruit
could bring me
back to this beach of buried tires
and blurry kisses,
so lost in the deepened gloom.
I taste the soul of the earth
in the sand on your lips,
like seeds caught in my teeth,
from your lips to my tongue,
a strangely pleasant undulation.

months gone,
and precious clarity
is here even now
in this raspberry,
soft as your lips
that never fail to speed my pulse,
and delicately, persistently gritty
as grains of the beach:

somehow understanding
my silent digging
and frantic hurling of stones,
in a seemingly carefree arc,
you free us both,
and grains
fall through the fog,
exuberant at being freed
from a tire
as mired as my soul sometimes is
and you kiss me,
ripe with juice and seeds
in the sweetly gritty aftermath of redemption

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