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How is this not more popular in North America?
November 25, 2008, 1:09 am
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My roommates and I went to the Canada vs Scotland rugby game on Saturday.  I’ll admit straight away that I know little to nothing about rugby.  My guy friends in high school played it (our school colours were an unfortunate purple and gold so their shirts looked more like the uniform of a court jester than a team with a lion for a mascot), but I was a huge nerd and rarely skipped classes to catch the early afternoon games.  As such, the only thing I really came away with about the sport was that people get lifted by their shorts to catch the ball mid-air and that cauliflower ear was a common ailment.

Cue to the game: Canada has lost every game this season.  Their most notable loss was to Ireland, who butchered them 55-0.  They lost a little more respectably with a 41-0 on Saturday, but the shutout was a bit hard to swallow, especially when you’re surrounded by incredibly patriotic Scots.

Now I can follow the game and have some idea of what’s happening as I’ve had a rugby-playing friend who incidentally has had his ear ripped off while playing (it’s since been reattached) help me out on the basics.  You can’t pass the ball forward, the short-lifting move is called a line-out, you can’t tackle above the waist, and anytime you score a try (something like a touchdown) the ball has to be intentionally pushed towards the ground, and not haphazardly touch it.

It’s a lot more interesting than football (meaning the ‘American’ football, despite the fact Canada has football too and our rules are more difficult) and certainly ballsier.  These guys deserve more credit than they’re getting at present (none).


Who wears short shorts? (No complaints here.)



This is the main thing I still don't understand in rugby. It defies physics, no?



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