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Lying back on the floor, reaching up high into space

Last night R’s friend called me up saying he had an extra (free!) ticket to see Feeder at the Music Hall in Aberdeen.  Since live shows are one of my favourite things in life I took him up on the offer.  I hadn’t heard anything by Feeder since Can’t Hardly Wait and so High was the only song in my repertoire.  Nevertheless it was a great show and the Music Hall is the most gorgeous venue I’ve ever been in (Corinthian columns and Greek opulence abounds – it’s nothing like my Toronto favourite, Lee’s Palace).


The crowning glory was spotting this in the crowd. It’s a small, small world.


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if you look at the sleeve, you’ll notice the year he convocated begins ‘8 T…’ no way did that guy graduate from uni in the 80s. a market for engineering jackets? i wonder if there is some kind of weird scottish irony movement a la cccp shirts from a few years ago?

Comment by t biscuit

I did notice that – I was going to ask him about it but he left before the show ended. However, he did dance the entire time in the fashion of a former Casa B’er.

If these jackets end up in thrift stores in the UK, I’ll be damned.

Comment by bohemianvegan

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