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Did you hear that?

This short clip is probably the best summary of my night last night.  My flat hosted a flip cup tournament before heading out for more drinking.  If you can relate, the best way to sum up the night was a smaller version of a Casa Baldwin party.  If you can’t relate, I’ll give you our most stellar example.  Our St Patrick’s Day party in 2007 had more than 700 people invited on Facebook, and probably 250+ actually showed up during the course of the night.  However, our apartment then was massive and the one I live in now is a lot smaller.

That didn’t stop the floor from being completely covered in sticky, half-dried beer, streamers, and bottle caps and my chair being literally torn apart (its IKEA-like nature should allow me to fix it… hopefully).  It took two solid moppings to see the floor’s original colour and I’m pretty sure it would benefit from yet another go over.

I’m still getting used to beers I would consider very good in Toronto as being commonplace or even looked down upon here.  My roommate and I bought a motherload of Stella Artois, the cheapest beer in the grocery store, to supply our predrink.  Unfortunately, it’s got a reputation as being the beer of wife-beaters here.  Hey, at least it wasn’t Labatt 50 or Natty Light.

This weekend is probably the last serious drinking I’ll do before the end of term.  Between today and the 19th I have two presentations to give (one tomorrow!) and three papers to write, so I’m trying to get my nose to the grindstone and just suffer through.  Christmas in Paris will be my reward!

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check us out…i see u hate on natty light!

Comment by Natty Light

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