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I AM Canadian.
December 8, 2008, 7:32 pm
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It’s the duty of a student to have a perpetually poorly stocked fridge and pantry.  I’m totally fucking sick of pasta, bored to death of salad, and generally apathetic towards having to cook my own food anymore (my next mode of action is to cook the Brussels sprouts I have in the freezer – no, it isn’t punishment, I really do love them).  I’ve complained before about the absence of vegan-friendly takeaway in Aberdeen and that hasn’t changed.  Except that there’s a Subway in our student centre of which I’ve recently become a patron.

Today I was ordering a sub and requested ‘extra pickles‘ (everything, just no hot peppers or else I’ll die).  The girl behind me in line said “I knew you were American then you ordered extra pickles!”, as if really liking pickles brands me with a big ol’ Born in the USA stamp or something.  It was bizarre.  I said I was Canadian, and she said “Oh, well, we’re neighbours at least!” and said she was from New Hampshire.  I said I was from Toronto then left.  It was a very weird exchange.

I’m not offended at being called American – I harbour no anti-American sentiments, but what does offend me is when people automatically assume I’m either Canadian or American without inquiring.  I’m not sure if I’m just overly sensitive about the entire matter, but I feel like my three months here have been either confirming my Canadian identity or otherwise denying an American one.  Having been witness (and victim, by proxy) to an anti-American conversation/argument on Thursday night, I think part of my sensitivity lies in the fact that now more than ever I sympathize with the American overseas rejection.  I see it happen over and over again.  It really is so severe that a friend here who is American is writing her dissertation on discrimination against Americans in the UK.

Three months of this shit is already wearing me out.  And don’t even get me started that gay is an acceptable adjective for something lame around here.

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i know what i’m about to write might sound a bit trivial after reading the rest of your post, but i LOVE brussels sprouts. i steam the frozen ones daily and everyone gives me a hard time about it and doesn’t believe that i really like them, but i do! i’m glad someone else understands 🙂

Comment by jaclyn

I hear you. I think that sentiment is shared across other nationalities as well. I was in the UK a few years ago and had flatmates from New Zealand. They all were annoyed to be called Aussies all the time. Same for the people of Belgium being taken for French people. It’s always a bit strange when your national identity is being played with…

Comment by Francis

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