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Of course, my family is the exception to this.

Today on BBC Health there is a report documenting a study from Newcastle University that found men with more brothers are more likely to have sons, and men with more sisters are more likely to have daughters. They conducted a massive retrospective cohort study with data dating back to 1600. It seems that an equilibrium is striving to balance out the numbers of males and females in a population at any given time. The use of the post-WWI boy baby boom exhibits exactly that; the surge in births of male babies sought to replace the nearly one million soldiers and civilians killed in battle (more than 2% of the UK population at the time).

And, naturally, my family doesn’t fit the bill. My mom’s side doesn’t apply; she’s the oldest of three kids (her, a sister, then a brother) and her parents had an equal mix of boys and girls. My dad is the second of four boys (no girls), and I have twin sisters, and his other brother who has children has two girls. No boys at all, and hence the extinction of our surname (no need to reiterate how I’m adamant about not changing mine if/when I marry).

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Same here…I refuse to change mine…

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