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“It’s as easy as licking a stamp” / “Email is for geeks and pedophiles”

There is no better feeling than being on Christmas break.  Having absolutely no commitments, aside from laundry and packing, means that I can sleep until 11am, actually eat when I’m hungry vs. when it’s convenient, and drink without consequences for the next day.

Aside from that, I’ve been really, really terrible with keeping in touch with anyone besides literally two people outside of my family from home.  Argh.  So my response to email is this (and please don’t hate me; I’m just really, really sick of being in front of a computer at all anymore – typing reminds me so much of writing essays.  Give me your mailing address instead and I’ll send you a lovely little letter):

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P.S.: I leave for Paris on Monday and I may not update until I’m there.

P.P.S.: These two videos tie so beautifully together because Ryan Phillippe and Jeff Goldblum star together in Igby Goes Down.  If you haven’t seen that movie (mine and my sisters’ favourite, or at least one of them), I’m afraid I cannot be your friend any longer.


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1. e-mail is for geeks and pedophiles is one of my most favourite quotes. well really, anything from that movie can be made a favourite quote.
2. igby goes down IS one of my favourite movies…how out of the ordinary for me.

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