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A kinder version of Googling someone?
January 13, 2009, 5:54 pm
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I adore PostSecret. I think it’s an excellent venue for people to anonymously betray their secrets, and I’m nosy so I like reading them. I came across this one and thought while it seems superficially adorable, is it really much different than Googling someone? I realize that in writing a blog (albeit this one is anonymous) I’m exposing myself to whomever comes across it, but whenever I read the stats and referral sites, the Facebook links are frequently people I’ve never heard of in my life (although the Cosmo Bachelors probably have this linked in their Facebook group). I’m still not entirely sure about blogging, but it’s an excellent mode of procrastination, so for the meanwhile I’m going to keep it up.


As far as Googling someone goes; if you ever do it, never admit it to the person in question. Two people I used to date both asked me whether I’d ever been in a maths contest when I was younger (the bane of the gifties was having to do every math competition possible, be it a university-associated one, or one of those Pascal or Fermi ones). They only knew this from Googling me; as much as I liked them at the time, it still made my skin crawl a little bit.

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