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Had we never come across the vastness of pavement… (Ted Leo and the Rx)

In case you weren’t already aware, my choice of title for the music-related posts (Biomusicology) is the title of one of my most favourite songs ever.  And even still, I haven’t heard it in ages because when I first got my MacBook last February (nearly a year ago, I can’t believe it), I foolishly deleted a bunch of music and regrettably haven’t  replaced it.  This thought only entered my brain when I was looking through what I was listening to four years ago on my last.fm page (the Aberdeen network doesn’t let me upload to it anymore and I’m trying to get someone to fix it).  Ted Leo and the Pharmacists falls under that category for now.  However, I thought that the song shouldn’t be passed over (my second favourite of theirs is Me and Mia).

I was trying to remember when and where I had seen them play in Toronto; it was in my fourth year at some point in 2005 or 2006.  I recall they played at the Mod Club but was scratching my brain as to who went with me.  J originally informed me they were playing but ducked out at the last minute because his girlfriend was coming up for a visit (awks), but then it dawned on me I went with SL which was fun but we never talked afterward.  It was the most strangely perfect show I’ve ever seen; they took no leaps away from the way their records sounded and it was safe, safe, safe all the way through.  While I applaud their ability to play and sing verbatim, some character and soul was missing.  However, this song has never failed to wow me.

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