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Complaint Department: M.I.A.

On Gawker today there’s an article that speculates that M.I.A. is basically a Tamil Tigers sympathizer.  Watch the video below if you have a strong stomach, otherwise just listen to it – be warned that there are photographs of the aftermath of suicide bombers, namely disembodied heads.

If this is true I’ll gladly boycott her – this is completely awful.  Freedom fighter?  Hardly.

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this article is a little less biased. I’ve seen a few others (in the week prior to the Gawker piece) refuting her association with TT – I’d be very skeptical about the Gawker article.

Comment by whitehotretort

I think it says what Gawker does, but a lot less pointedly and with more information. It’s something worth reading into, and like I said, I wouldn’t listen to her music anymore if this turns out to be true. I’m on a moratorium of her tracks for now anyhow.

Comment by bohemianvegan


That’s a good one for refuting it. Everything else seems to resonate the Gawker/NYT vibe. I’ll believe anything Amnesty International are willing to publish above most all other things.

Comment by bohemianvegan

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