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“You can’t give your daughter too much information.”

My thesis topic is menopause (age at menopause and women’s health status in midlife), and I frequently chat with my mom about it. She’s in her early 50s and therefore just at the median of the worldwide menopausal onset (51 years, to be precise). Growing up, my family was quite liberal talking about the birds and the bees (and awkward talks about boyfriends), but perhaps this is something that really requires mentioning.

When I moved to Toronto for my undergrad, I discovered a whole world of healthy sexuality that wasn’t available in my hometown of Ancaster. Shops that were specifically tailored to women, such as Good For Her (and Come As You Are to a lesser extent), offered not only women-only store hours and female employees, but also workshops and seminars to make you more comfortable in bed as well as in your own skin. Now that I’m away in Scotland, I’ve realised that there are no decent substitutes here. The closest we have is Ann Summers which is a gross (but not as gross as any shop in Soho, London) sexcentric store that doesn’t feel female-empowering in the slightest.

It had never crossed my mind prior to viewing this, but I think Oprah is on to something.


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I saw this episode. What society wants and expects from women sexually is in constant contradiction – thank g that Oprah FINALLY did this show because this sh*t is tired. I was shocked and appalled at the criticism of this particular show. Both men and women need to grow up and treat and view girls/women as REAL people.

Comment by ren/natka

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