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In all seriousness, this makes me glad to live in Aberdeen [Scotland’s #1 male Barbie]

What are the odds this popped up on Videogum? A diva of a dude who says there’s no such thing as too much make-up? In Aberdeen? It makes me feel like I never left Toronto. I feel fuzzy inside.

The comments on youtube are awful and homophobic, but I love this guy for rocking out as he sees fit. He clearly loves his lifestyle. I’m just shocked I’ve never spotted him on King Street or in (God forbid I go again) Liquid.

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This is probibly the first time this video was posted on a blog without me being insulted
thanks so much for being nice about me
at least someone online is

Comment by RossRitalin

I think you’re so awesome! I actually saw you last night on Union St at Shiprow (7.30pm ish) and stared just for a moment. You’re a legend!

People can just generally be assholes and not appreciate someone who’s different and relishes it. Aberdeen could use the diversity!

Comment by bohemianvegan

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