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Goodnight, Moon [Toronto’s lullaby]

Years ago, when I had just moved into mine, R, and T’s place on Brunswick Avenue in Toronto I was such a bum. I didn’t have my own bed as I was previously living in a (hideously) furnished apartment. Before I actually got around to going to IKEA I slept a few nights in R’s room. Every night before we fell asleep she played Great Lake Swimmers’ self-titled album, and I could never stay awake past the first song, Moving Pictures, Silent Films. Because sleep these days is so precious, I’m playing it now – goodnight everyone (and goodnight, R).

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oh GAWD, that summer. does anyone have any gatorade or desperation?

Comment by t biscuit

and ps…YOU were a bum? i rented a couch for $350. nuff said.

Comment by t biscuit

From dehydration to depression, we had it all!

(PS: Remember assembling the futon in a mirror image? Oops.)

Comment by bohemianvegan

Aw, playing Great Lake Swimmers before going to sleep…I loved that.

Hated that summer though.

Comment by ren/natka

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