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Something about a tiny violinist? [‘Unfair’ laws]
June 18, 2009, 2:46 pm
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Six words: Do your job. Do it well. 

I think some people want laws to protect them in their jobs where I don’t feel they should. If you’re a pharmacist and screw up someone’s order, your ‘human error’ may cost that patient their life. It’s not like, say, a Blockbuster clerk charging you twice the restocking fine.

I’m well-aware that this can be applied to doctors, too. At every turn, they may make a decision that similarly unwittingly causes a patient’s death, but I’m biased. I don’t know enough about what a pharmacist actually does besides dispense tablets (having spent all of pharmacy school learning about what said tablets do and what not to mix them with). But I still think that everyday, you ought to be aware that your actions can do a lot of harm to someone if you become lazy or indifferent.

Just felt ranty and needing to post something ’cause I haven’t in awhile.

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I’m a pharmacy tech making poverty line wages with no health benefits for this horrendous job of last resort. This is why mistakes can happen:


Summary: two phone lines ringing off the hook all day long, corporate masters recklessly understaffing the store, legs in screaming pain from standing 56 hours a week, absolutely NO bathroom breaks or food eaten in a 14-hour shift, constantly being screamed at over things out of your control (e.g. insurance copays), 5 patients simultaneously trying to bump to the first of the line to ask the most off-the-wall questions possible and show you their sweaty under-boob rash then cough right into your eyeballs, almost nobody ever planning ahead on refills or vacation supplies and creating emergencies where there should not be any, and everybody wants it faster than a McDonald’s order. But, unlike McDonald’s, if the pressure and extreme multitasking leads to an error (or even just overlooking an error a doctor made) somebody dies. There are already punishments for that: you lose your license (100K+ in student loans still having to be repaid), hefty government fines, and the family sues you in civil court for anything the gov’t and student loans haven’t already taken. No need to throw anyone in jail for a mistake that had no mens rea or intent.

And anybody who is “lazy or indifferent” in a drug store would be murdered by their own coworkers before they had a chance to make a mistake. There is NO margin for laziness — let alone bathroom breaks — in a typical pharmacy.

Obviously I am not posting this from work. Because I have never, not once, been able to read, let alone comment, on a blog post at work. I would pass out from shock if I got 2 bathroom breaks in a workday, let alone got to goof around on wordpress.

Comment by ludditeandroid

Thanks for your insider insight.

Like I said, I’m ignorant. I infrequently go to the pharmacy and have never worked in one (and will never work in one) so I don’t know what it’s like.

It seems as if your employer is breaking quite a few labour laws. No bathroom or lunch breaks over the course of 14 hours? That seems brutal.

However, loads of jobs are stressful, and I guess having some sort of coping mechanism might help.

It’s just very unfortunate when a mistake is made by one person, bypasses another (or doesn’t exist and then is created by, like you said, an over-stressed, or perhaps green, pharmacist) and someone suffers the worst thing for it.

Now go put your feet up.

Comment by bohemianvegan

Ludditeandroid, I don’t know whether you subscribe to comment follow-up, but if you do, read this: http://www.forbes.com/2009/06/25/top-paying-jobs-forbes-woman-careers-salary-employment.html?feed=rss_news It’ll settle your mind that your efforts will pay off.

Comment by bohemianvegan

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