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Now you know that the time has come [And they said it would never come for you]

Done my Master’s. I don’t even know what to do with myself now. Granted, it’s been just over 48 hours since I submitted my thesis, it’s all I poured my time into – without it, I’ve felt just a bit lost.

Went out last night though to celebrate (was way too tired on Thursday) and have been sick all afternoon – I will not even look at Jagermeister again in my life. I feel wretched.

Now I need to pack (quickly) and get on a train to Edinburgh so I can sleep in the airport and fly to Berlin tomorrow. Back in a week-ish.

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Life is good.

Things seem to be going well at the moment.

1) I have a place to live next year. It rules because it’s in a good area of the city (Rosemount, if it means anything to anyone); it’s less than a mile to the hospital and I get to walk through a gorgeous park to get there. Also, it’s probably less than a mile into the city centre which means getting home from nights out costs less. It has a backyard and it’s furnished, which is a foreigner’s dream. I’m almost too excited at the thought of buying bedding.

2) Yesterday, I finished my discussion chapter of my thesis. It’s now in the capable hands of my supervisors who will surely dissect it, but that’s what I rely on them for. So, as it stands, I have a finished first draft of this m-fer. Now I need to edit my lit review which hopefully won’t take me much longer than a few days (though productivity is waning today).

3) Monday is a bank holiday and I’ve been told not to go to the office. I am overjoyed and don’t know what to do with an entire day off. Go to the beach and do laundry, likely.

4) I booked a flight home and will be in Ancaster/Toronto for an entire month from August 29. I’ll be back in Aberdeen the day before my PhD begins. I’m usually jetlagged for as much as a week when I fly back and forth anyway, so I figure giving myself one day to acclimate is no worse than a week. Quite excited to fly British Airways as I hear their veggie meals are delicious (Air Canada’s have, um, too many beans), and I managed to get the shortest travel duration both ways which also happened to be the best price (still $827 CDN).

5) I’m seeing Year One tonight and I’m psyched.

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One month to go [I hate countdowns]
July 1, 2009, 12:08 am
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I woke up this morning with the worst feeling in my stomach knowing that I now have just one month until my thesis is due.

Not shockingly, this is the same feeling I had when I woke up on July 19, 2006, which was precisely one month until I was to write the MCAT. I felt like I knew nothing despite studying for freakishly long hours and keeping immaculate notes. In the end, my summer devoted to studying paid off.

But this seems to be a different beast. There is no strategy involved for thesis writing, or if there is (disabling Facebook?), I’m not aware of it. What I am aware of, however, is that probably many sleepless nights and non-nutritious meals (if I can even be bothered) lay ahead of me. At least I’ve got two people helping me out this time round.

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Fact: I frequently wear my earphones at the office but am listening to nothing.
June 24, 2009, 4:11 pm
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It’s only so that I can get work done without people bothering me.

So, it’s nearly the end of June which means I have just a little more than a month left to polish off my thesis. I’ve been plugging away at this thing since the first Monday of February (I had just a weekend between finishing exams and beginning this project), and at times it’s been wearing me down.

I’ve run into a bunch of unforeseen issues with my thesis. Whether it’s accidentally including women who haven’t completed the menopause in my analyses (it’s menopausal age that I’m studying, and the factors contributing to it, and some other stuff), realising that I needed to use 99% confidence intervals instead of 95% (and not keeping a syntax file!), running a ton of analyses we later saw as pointless (to be absolutely blunt about it), or whether it’s a near-complete derailment of our original aims.

I frequently use ‘we’ when talking about the progress of the study; I’m extremely fortunate to have two ultra-supportive supervisors. Unlike other people in my programme, I have a standing weekly appointment with both of them. Whenever I churn (or, rather, print) something out, I hand it over for their deconstruction and editing. It’s probably the best learning experience because rather than waiting until I finish this magnum opus, I get to see what they expect of me all along the way.

This, however, has been sometimes irksome. Whether it’s finishing my methods chapter and thinking it’s completely hunky-dory, then getting it back with the margins completely filled with inky scribbles, or finally thinking I’m done with SPSS only to have to re-do 6 of my 15 tables (currently each table has at least 7 previous versions). However, this has taught me patience (which means they’ve cracked me! I thought it’d never happen!) as well as a ton of humility (had some of that before).

Today, I’m in the midst of writing up my discussion chapter. And it’s sinking in how lucky I am to have gotten this topic: my study strengths overweigh the limitations by a landslide and it does seem that most of my findings are congruent with the literature.

Still, I don’t think you’ll find a happier girl at noon next month on the 30th.

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