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Now you know that the time has come [And they said it would never come for you]

Done my Master’s. I don’t even know what to do with myself now. Granted, it’s been just over 48 hours since I submitted my thesis, it’s all I poured my time into – without it, I’ve felt just a bit lost.

Went out last night though to celebrate (was way too tired on Thursday) and have been sick all afternoon – I will not even look at Jagermeister again in my life. I feel wretched.

Now I need to pack (quickly) and get on a train to Edinburgh so I can sleep in the airport and fly to Berlin tomorrow. Back in a week-ish.

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At every occasion I am ready for the funeral [Danny MacAskill]

I think I just ovulated. He’s amazing.

Bon Iver, Live in Edinburgh (Would you really rush out for me now?)

We’ve done it. E and I are no longer concert virgins in the UK. On our recent trek to Edinburgh we went to the Bon Iver concert at the Queen’s Music Hall. If you haven’t heard of Bon Iver, the short story is that it’s a guy from Wisconsin who holed himself up in his cabin for awhile with his guitar, and banged out these amazing tunes. Some people classify it as folk, others as blues, but neither fit the bill in my opinion. I’ll take a stab at categorizing it and call it optimistically sad, nostalgic rock. That seems melodramatic, but I think it suits him.

The venue itself was a lot like the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, albeit this place had standing room in addition to the pew-like seating (and served liquor, too, so points for that). The people there ranged from really young (one 10 year old was accompanied by his mother) to my parents’ age (think 50-something). It just goes to show that this act really can attract a wide audience.

Justin Vernon (the brains behind Bon Iver) is a deceiving man. On first glance, he’s a rugged-looking and carelessly-dressed guy who looks like he could be found starting brawls at a local bar. Listening to him sing (and the lyrics to his songs) dissolves this train of thought. The songs are mainly about love lost, hope for the future, and thinking back to better times – themes that anyone can relate to.

If anyone calls Bon Iver quiet and breathy music, they’d be stunned to know there were two drum kits set up, and a bassist in addition to Vernon’s acoustic guitar and keyboard. Most of the videos I’ve included below are just half of the band – Justin Vernon and Sean Carey (on drums) – the other half, Mikey and Drummer #2 weren’t easy to fit into my camera’s field of vision, but trust me when I say you got the best-looking half of the show!

Unfortunately, my camera died during “Creature Fear”, and I only started recording the track in the middle, to boot. I wasn’t super keen on this one particular song, but when they performed it, they transformed it – the cacophony at the end was mind-numbingly good. They moonlighted as alchemists to completely metamorphose their tunes.


Lump Sum

The Wolves (Acts I and II)


Skinny Love

Creature Fear

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