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This was hard, it was fun/We should do it again [The Rural Alberta Advantage]

It’s a toss-up between this song (Don’t Haunt This Place by The Rural Alberta Advantage, a Toronto band despite what their name would protest) and She & Him’s rendition of You Really Got a Hold On Me that I’ve been listening to non-stop for the past few days.

Thinking of baking cookies (chocolate chip) before working on the thesis for awhile.

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Life is good.

Things seem to be going well at the moment.

1) I have a place to live next year. It rules because it’s in a good area of the city (Rosemount, if it means anything to anyone); it’s less than a mile to the hospital and I get to walk through a gorgeous park to get there. Also, it’s probably less than a mile into the city centre which means getting home from nights out costs less. It has a backyard and it’s furnished, which is a foreigner’s dream. I’m almost too excited at the thought of buying bedding.

2) Yesterday, I finished my discussion chapter of my thesis. It’s now in the capable hands of my supervisors who will surely dissect it, but that’s what I rely on them for. So, as it stands, I have a finished first draft of this m-fer. Now I need to edit my lit review which hopefully won’t take me much longer than a few days (though productivity is waning today).

3) Monday is a bank holiday and I’ve been told not to go to the office. I am overjoyed and don’t know what to do with an entire day off. Go to the beach and do laundry, likely.

4) I booked a flight home and will be in Ancaster/Toronto for an entire month from August 29. I’ll be back in Aberdeen the day before my PhD begins. I’m usually jetlagged for as much as a week when I fly back and forth anyway, so I figure giving myself one day to acclimate is no worse than a week. Quite excited to fly British Airways as I hear their veggie meals are delicious (Air Canada’s have, um, too many beans), and I managed to get the shortest travel duration both ways which also happened to be the best price (still $827 CDN).

5) I’m seeing Year One tonight and I’m psyched.

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One thing I know about the rest of my life [For R]

We’ll live together again yet.

xoxo, a.

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Goodnight, Moon [Toronto’s lullaby]

Years ago, when I had just moved into mine, R, and T’s place on Brunswick Avenue in Toronto I was such a bum. I didn’t have my own bed as I was previously living in a (hideously) furnished apartment. Before I actually got around to going to IKEA I slept a few nights in R’s room. Every night before we fell asleep she played Great Lake Swimmers’ self-titled album, and I could never stay awake past the first song, Moving Pictures, Silent Films. Because sleep these days is so precious, I’m playing it now – goodnight everyone (and goodnight, R).

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‘The Canadian character’ [Quotables]

The ‘Quote of the day’ on my U of T email is sometimes less than inspiring, but today’s was so good I thought it was worth sharing. Certainly living in Scotland for nearly two thirds of a year now, with three more ahead of me, I can completely relate to this sentiment.

‘To tell you the truth, in California I missed the wildness of the Canadian winter.  There is something stirring about a blizzard, something elemental about pitting oneself against driving, stinging snow in below zero temperatures. I often think it accounts for the general peacefulness of the Canadian character, all the aggressive energy has been used up in battling and surviving nature.’

Blanche Howard, Canadian author

Blizzard, 16 December 2007

Blizzard in Toronto, 16 December 2007

Photo credit to Flickr.

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“With buried heads we both forget all of the past and its regrets” [Stars]

If I could loop just the first verse and listen to that until I finish writing, I’d be happy. Mad a bit, but happy.

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Paper Heart [“Your love-glass is half-full.”]

I can’t believe Michael Cera is dating that chick. Regardless, I will see this film. (The view from the Bathurst Bridge of the Toronto skyscrape is visible at 0:45.)